Friday, November 12, 2010


Ryan drew my blood as I sipped my coffee in the soft green chase lounge. And I never even felt the prick of the needle. Really. We are at the Mays clinic for all of my morning scans and everything is a little newer and bigger over here. This afternoon, we will be back over at the main building. J I am sitting and waiting for my x-ray and decided to share about today’s scans since it will be a long day of scanning. Its been a while since I have had so many scans in a day and two of them are new for me….just when you think you have had them all…there are more machines here than shoes in my closet and that is saying a lot. Sean and I munched on bacon egg and cheese sandwiches (our fav here) and he is reading the Houston paper. I wonder if I can get him to do all of my school work for me today?? Just kidding – I am not sure if his idea of weeding a collection will be eggactly what my professor will be looking for.

I have been super nervous about this all week. I tried not to be, but hard to help that. I have just felt so great these past 7 weeks. A first in nearly 3 years and who wants to go back? The positive in me knows that I will only go forward. Forward. Surgery. Forward. Finish grad school. Forward….wait for stint to come out and or begin adoption process. Forward. Not backward. Not standstill. I want them to tell the next patient with ASPS that they have a cure now. I want that patient to know the side effects and know that they will be on something that works. I feel like that will happen; like that is happening. But I am still a bundle of nerves. But I am going to keep my head high, keep smiling, and sip my coffee.

And I will write more when I can today.

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