Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Path to freedom and more surgery

Sipping coffee again.... but not in a green chase lounge. More like a straight back brown chair at my favorite coffee house in the world, Mod. Before my brain becomes jumbled even more in ISBNs and coding (studies) I wanted to take a minute to write about yesterday's news. Yesterday was good news. The tests results concluded that there were NO metastases and NO new tumors! YEA!! My body is basically free of those pesky tumors and the ones in my lungs are about to be gone too. I can't say too much about this because I really won't know more until we hear from thoracic surgery. I hope to hear from them soon.... like in the next two weeks. After I am all healed from the lung surgeries, we will celebrate. I can't call it Cancer Free, but I can call it NED, which means no evidence of disease. Call it what you will, but that is pretty dang close to the same as cancer free. Knowing this is a long process; I still had to be reminded by Dr. Benjamin. This cancer is chronic, not acute. And because it is slow growing, they can't declare that it's gone just cause they don't see anything. That's okay. I will take the NED label. And I am still going to be smelling the roses along the way, taking it day by day, knowing that I will have a long amazing future ahead (with Sean, a family of our own...the works), but taking it one day at a time.
Will let you know more as I find out. Thank you so much for thinking of us this past week. Keep the faith and prayers coming.

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