Sunday, November 7, 2010

Falling into the news of it all

Well, we have made it. I stopped taking the chemo on September 26th. I didn't quite make it the full solid year, but I ran out early. No complaints there. However, stopping "cold turkey" style has its downfalls. Two major infections at the same time caused one trip to the Mda ER and 6 pills a day for a week. But I was already on the road to life without chemo. Before I knew it, my energy was coming back, the nausea was gone, the pain was gone, and I could eat and drink whatever I wanted without any chemo related repercussions. I have said this before - so easy to not notice what you have (even the little things) until its not an option anymore. I can't even begin to tell you...2 years of life with chemo vs. life without...I am not having to walk around on eggshells around myself. That may sound funny, but it is true. So that is what I had been doing for the last 7 or so weeks. Learning to experience life nearly cancer free and without chemo again. Just taking time for myself and my family. And those weeks have really flown by. Cause here we are already to this coming Friday. My exams start at 8am. I will be scanned and dosed and dosed and scanned all day with my last scan at 5pm. I have a chest x-ray, blood-work, bone dose, bone scan, brain MRI with and without contrast, prep for CT (which means a barium party) and then a scans for chest, abdomen and pelvis. Exhausting, yes, but we will hear great results on the following Monday and continue the steps forward. We will meet with Dr. B to go over the results. I am feeling and hoping to hear that all has continued to be great and to discuss my upcoming surgery. Surgery has tentatively been planned for Christmas holidays and should be fairly small. I am of course voting that they stick a TINY tube in and aspirate those little boogers left to be lingering in the right side of my lungs.
Waiting is always the hardest part.

Please keep those prayers coming. Though I am positively positive that the news will be great, I am still pretty nervous.

Carpe Diem!!

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Angie said...

We'll be thinking about you... know you'll ace all your tests! Love you!!