Monday, March 8, 2010

The End Result

I'm a little late these days on writing....hopefully you have already heard that my results from my last tests were fine. I really didn't hear anything different. And we all know no news is good news!! I am content with this. Though no exact date has been given yet, I will be back at MDA in April for new tests.
I want to be cured so to speak and move on as much as you want me to also, but please be patient and understand that the time for that is in my future. I can't tell you when it is, but it's there. We will get there!

Thank you so very much for donating to the American Cancer Society!! I am excited about Relaying for you, me, and so many others on April 30th. If you want to come join me for a lap or 2 come on out!! Please visit the Galveston site when you can at when you can. Our team name is Positivity is Power. I am feeling the positively positive power!!

Carpe Diem!!

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