Saturday, October 10, 2009

Enjoying The Fall Weather

I am feeling pretty good this month. I am still on the same chemo. My results are still positive. I don't have a date for my next appointment, but it shouldn't be until November. So I am just trucking along. I'm working every day and still teaching art on the weekends. In fact, my personal art is going to be at Gracie's for the November 28th Artwalk. I am so excited!!!
Sean and I are just taking it day by day and enjoying the simplicities that life has to offer. I think that is the easiest thing you can do when life is full of possibilities. I see a hopeful, full of "every thing great" future, but until then, I am making the most of the super now that I am in.
I also do not have to take Lyrica for the nerve pain anymore. My knee feels a little tight now and then, but I don't notice it for the most part and I am still walking pretty well. I can almost kinda run too!! I am getting excited about that!!

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The Sunday's said...

Hi Amanda!! It is nice to meet you! Just wanted you to know that I love Gracie's!!!! So good luck with the Art Walk. Not sure if you know but I am a nurse and work in the ER at UTMB. What a small world? I live right down the road from you in Santa Fe. I am very excited to get to know you and read your blog!