Friday, January 14, 2011

Surgery Update Part 2

Hi Friends and Family!!

I wanted to send you an update. I am feeling well and very ready (or rather stir crazy) to go back to work. I will be back next week, but then I will be out again the following for the second and FINAL surgery. This will be on the 26th and I will be there all day on the day before for tests. They will do the exact same thing as they did to my left lung, only to my right lung this time. We were hoping that the doctors would allow us to do the second surgery in May and I was excited that they approved for me to come back to work at the 4 week mark. SO we had all of the proper paperwork filled out and my disability done with notations of the surgery being done in two parts. But we didn't know that the doctors would be so pleased (really this is true - ecstatic with my progress really) with how well I recovered and that they would be super excited to operate on me so soon. Yippee Kye Yea right?! They really like to do the two parts 6-8 weeks apart, but we were still hoping that I would be able to work more and then have the other surgery closer to summer or in the summer. After much mulling it over I have of course accepted this as most of you know how stubborn I can be. This is really okay with me; not dragging it out and being NED soon soon sooner! Since we have the paperwork (disability and FLMA) filled out the way we do, I will be back at work for a week and then out again. I hope that was less confusing writing it all this way. :-) I worry that this will be confusing to the kiddos, but I hope that there is a special way that you have been able to sort of explain....Just think; soon I will be what I can say, cancer free and get to just enjoy a normal life of no chemo or surgeries, or radiation. Yippee!!

I have been wanting to tell you that Team Positivity is Power is back again for Relay for Life. It is on April 29th. PLEASE please please go to and find my team, POSITIVITY IS POWER. I would be so happy if you showed your support by joining my team AND or making a donation under my name. Each donation adds another smile as I walk for so many who's lives have been impacted by cancer.


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Elissa Shaw said...

See you in the Spring!! I will be thinking of you!